An artistic legitimacy

An artistic legitimacy built over the last 25 years in the music industry by composing over 450 tracks, 2 solo albums, signing as an artist with naïve records or as a composer with Universal, on stage or in a studio, as a director or a multi-instruments musician.

5 years dedicated to serve the brands

Already 8 years that our audio creations support brands. Hours listening and collaborating to better understand them that today capitalised millions of web, radio, TV broadcasts. It makes the difference, no?

A network of partners to seal our difference

Constantly looking for difference, precision and quality, we have slowly built a network of partners in our image. It is not only about composition: we address the full artistic creation process from the composer to the mixer. Being able to convince our peers is also a good reason to trust us.


A good balance

Our vision is to build a good balance between reason and emotion.

A perfect understanding of the brand, its environment and stakes is key to help and guide our creativity.

However, it is crucial to safeguard the alchemy, sometimes what we consider to be irrational and make sure we do not completely lose that creativity. The challenge is to create difference. The risk for both brands and agencies is to all sound the same.

Close to our values

Our vision is also to stay close to our core values, on the banks of Annecy Lake or elsewhere but definitely somewhere preserving authenticity and inspiration. It is why AdSound has supported 7e Continent 2015 campaign and will continue!


A craftsman work

Then, our vision is music as a craftsman work to shape bespoke compositions combining simplicity and elegance that will create unique audio identities.




Clients and artists at the heart

Last but not least, our vision is customers and artists together at the heart of each and every one of our thoughts and actions to make our collaboration simple, efficient and above all, highly successful !