PROJECT     CASE STUDY     CRÉDITS CLIENT : TYPE : DATE : ONLINE : MICHELIN COMPOSITION ORIGINALE Septembre 2017 WWW.MICHELIN.FR «Brand new collaboration with Michelin w/ Maxion Wheels for the this film directed by Alan Cloniet and produced by Evimages. une musique originale en 3 temps. Le film a été lancé […]

Michelin The Gift (en)

    PROJECT     COMPOSER’S BRIEF     CREDITS CLIENT : TYPE : DATE : ONLINE : MICHELIN ORIGINAL COMPOSITION JUNE 2016 WWW.MICHELIN.FR Music : Scored by D. Grumel | AdSound Production : Évimages | Michelin Audiovisual Dpt Director : Alan Cloniet With: Stéphane Margot (Father), Marie Vanhonnacker (Daugther), Niel Beretta (Son) Production manager […]